Accelibond: "Link Bonding"

What Is Accelibond?

Accelibond (Link Bonding) is a unique and patented technology which actually combines multiple broadband links (DSL, cable, wireless, T1, etc) in to a single, faster, and more reliable, connection to the Internet. Connect to any remote HTTP server, like Micrsoft or YouTube and download files at lightning fast speeds.

Link Bonding vs Load Balancing

Older technology simply balances sessions across Internet links where one connection goes out one link, and another connection goes out another link. Our Accelibond technology actually combines the download throughput of two or more WAN links by using each link for the same session at the same time.

No Other Equipment Required

Unlike other products on the market which require multiple devices in order to achieve a fusion of link speeds, Accelibond can combine any combination of broadband links in order to speed up web downloads and improve performance out to the Internet in general and not just between two sites.

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Why an EdgeXOS Link Bonding Solution?

Fast, Redundant, and Optimized Internet Connectivity is what XRoads Networks delivers in its Network Load Balancer appliance. The questions to ask include: Is Internet access critical to your organization?, Does your organization host Internet accessible applications?, Do your end-users ever complain about slow Internet or application access over the network? If your organization has mission critical Internet and/or cloud-based applications then reliable and responsive connectivity is a must.

Benefits of a Link Bonding Device

A link bonder improves network throughput and optimizes the end-user experience through faster and more responsive applications utilizing our applied patent Multi Session Acceleration, Vector Routing and Best Path Routing technologies.
A link bonder can dramatically lower reoccurring cost by providing for the connectivity of multiple inexpensive broadband links instead of a single large Internet connection. While at the same time ensuring that an organization is not bound to a single provider.
A link bonder ensures reliable Internet connectivity for both end-users and inbound server systems by automatically monitoring connectivity and re-routing traffic as needed in the event of an Internet link outage. With our ActiveDNS technology the Network Load Balancer is able to failover both outgoing and incoming traffic for full network redundancy.

Real Link Bonding & WAN Acceleration

Most "link load balancing" products on the market simply balance individual sessions between ISP links. Only the EdgeXOS platform with its Accelibond technology, based on MULTI-SESSION ACCELERATION™ is able to bond links in order to increase bandwidth and accelerate web traffic. The EdgeXOS platform not only combines the bandwidth of each ISP-link but actually accelerates web downloads. Example: Start with a single 2.5Mbps DSL link, then add a second 2.5Mbps DSL link, the total combined throughput can reach over 10Mbps. That's WAN bonding!

Real Link Bonding & WAN Acceleration

Industry Leading Vector Routing Technology

The EdgeXOS appliance includes fully integrated active routing technology called VECTOR ROUTING. Vector Routing includes three unique capabilities, 1) advanced load balancing algorithms for general traffic balancing, 2) policy-based routing for session persistent application routing, and 3) an SLA monitoring, path testing dynamic routing technology called BEST PATH ROUTING. With Vector Routing a network administrator can choose how much control they want over specific traffic types, or whether to simply allow the EdgeXOS platform to automatically optimize the traffic, either way Internet access will never be the same.

Industry Leading Vector Routing Technology

Instant ISP Failover w/ActiveDNS

A primary reason for most customers to purchase a network load balancer is to ensure that in the event of an ISP outage that their critical network services continue to operate as usual. The EdgeXOS platform includes advanced DEEP PATH INSPECTION™ which not only tests local gateway connectivity, like most simple "link load balancers", but probes deep in to the Internet to ensure full Internet connectivity. To ensure inbound server connectivity the EdgeXOS platform utilizes our ACTIVEDNS™ technology which provides instant inbound URL failover.

bundle failover

Internet Bonding vs Load Balancing

There are a number of solutions on the market today that perform link balanincg, however these products lack the ability to actually fully utilize each available WAN interface. Only the patented bonding technology by XRoads Networks supports the aility to combine two or more ISP connections for a single session, example a 3Mbps link can be combined with a 5Mbps link to obtain a true 8Mbps session download.

Internet Session Bonding

Internet link bonding works by combining multiple Internet connections for every individual session, thus with a 3Mbps link and a 5Mbps link a single session download can each 8Mbps in performance. The EdgeXOS platform is smart enough to know which traffic it can bond and which traffic must maintain session persistence and does this automatically.
Notice in the example of link bonding above that a single session 'blue' is split in to multiple sessions out each Internet connection to the same remote server, this significantly increases the speed of accessing remote files and/or sites.

Link Load Balancing

Link load balancing works by balancing sessions across different Internet connections, thus one session might go out the 3Mbps link and another session might go out the 5Mbps link but this technology does not have the ability to combine the links for the same session. With simple link load balancing users will never be able to bond the speeds of each Internet connection.
In this example of link load balancing each session is routed out different links, but a single session can not be combined, thus the additional performance provided by link bonding can not be achieved with simple load balancing.