Fail-over (Dynamic Bandwidth Management)


smart link bonding

XRoads Networks is the inventor of next generation "session bonding", "dynamic bandwidth management" and MultiWAN technology, which ensures the most efficient use of your WAN (wida-area network) connectivity and has significant advantages over traditional load balancing, traffic shaping, and WAN optimization solutions. Our bandwidth management solutions include our Accelibond, Adaptiband, Site2Site, ApeXfilter and ActiveDNS technologies.


XRoads Networks developed the first Unified Bandwidth Management™ products based on these technologies. UBM by design provides an excellent platform for Internet and cloud connectivity which incorporates a number of core bandiwdth management and network optimization capabilities. The following are some of the key functions built-in to the EdgeXOS platforms:



  • Bond multiple ISP connections
  • Bond multiple tunnels to increase speed and reliability
  • Server link balancing w/redundancy
  • Route failover and network monitoring
  • Advanced application routing
  • Comprehensive Cloud Firewall (CFW)
  • Comprehensive LAN Router (CLR)


XRoads Networks has also partnered with a number of best of breed companies to deliver additional security, reporting, and acceleration features to ensure reliable, secure, and responsive connectivity to cloud (Internet/Intranet) applications like remote CRM, Email, SSL, VoIP and other mission critical systems.
XRoads Networks utilizes a combination of both Open Source as well as custom developed firmware for its XRoads Operating System (XOS). We utilize unmodified versions of the Linux Kernel, OpenVPN, IPRoute and several other open source technologies to which we have been a donor and strong supporter of over the years. We have also built our own proxy technology used to perform our balance and bonding capabilities.
It is important to note that our methods are unique and unlike other competing solutions at no time does our technology modify SYN packets in a way that changes and/or includes a physical router address. It is equally important to note that at no time does XRoads Networks provide the ability to aggregate or bond two or more tunnels together which use different levels of security and/or encryption. This distinction means that our products provide more consistant latency and jitter across all available Site2Site tunnels.

Unified Bandwidth Management

XRoads Networks specializes in comprehensive WAN (wide-area network) solutions. Our Unified Bandwidth Management™ (UBM) platforms include our unique dynamic bandwidth management, session bonding, and site-to-site VPN virtualization technology which is designed to improve responsiveness, reliability and security of business critical applications.

MPLS Replacement

Are the cost savings found within a dual-broadband solution vs. an MPLS connection making you consider a switch? If so, you are not alone, with the dramatic improvement in broadband speeds along with the significant cost savings, replacing MPLS has never looked more attractive.
Take for example a typical MPLS T1 connection at a cost of $1000-1200/month per site and compare that to the cost of a high-end broadband connection, with a cost of less than $200-300/month. Even with two of these connections one would save $500/month on average per site by replacing their existing MPLS connectivity.

Advantages of Dual-Broadband vs MPLS

While MPLS does provide significantly better quality of service between sites, what a broadband solutions lose in QoS it more than makes up for in overall speed. The average broadband cable connection delivers at least 5Mbps of bandwidth vs the average MPLS connection of 1.5Mbps. The added bandwidth ensures that critical applications like voice and video have the bandwidth needed to provide a consistant stream between sites.
For realtime services (like VoIP) jitter is always a concern, especially when connected via standard Internet connectivity, however hosted VoIP services have been around for years now, and all of them leverage standard Internet connectivity to deliver their services.
Plus, a multiple broadband solution comes with network reliability that MPLS just can not touch. MPLS is typically delivered via a single WAN link, but broadband provides numerous service provider and medium options to choose from which provides the greatest level of WAN redundancy.

How much will MPLS replacement save me?


Want a free evaluation of your existing WAN infrastructure and a report demonstrating the cost savings? Give us a call and ask to speak with one of our network consultants, you could be savings thousands by next quarter.


Wireless Integration


3G/4G Wireless Add-On Module

What Is It? - XRoads Networks 3G/4G wireless add-on works in conjunction with our Vector Routing technology to link land line and fixed wireless services with new 3G/4G data services. This add-on works with any EdgeXOS platform to provide:
  • Provide WAN Link Failover - This is a great backup solution for existing DSL, cable, or T1 connections where 3G/4G service provides a reliable backup connection.
  • Improved Wireless Reception - A problem with 3G/4G connectivity is often getting reception in closets, etc. XRoads has solved this issue with our remote wireless module which can be installed anywhere at a customers location and connected to the EdgeXOS appliance via a simple Ethernet cable.
  • Reduce Cost - In many instances utilizing a 3G/4G data connection is less expensive than other forms of Internet connectivity.
  • Temporary Sites - At times connectivity is only needed for short periods, such as special events, conventions, or emergencies. In these cases a 3G/4G data connection (or multiple connections) provide an excellent method for obtaining Internet access.
  • Banking Transactions - Many of our customers only need temporary connectivity for handling financial transactions. In these cases a 3G/4G data connection makes sense, it is mobile and inexpensive.
  • How Does It Work? - With our wireless add-on any EdgeXOS platform can be connected to the cloud from just about anywhere. Service will still need to be obtained from a service provider, along with that service providers cellular modem. Simply plug the card in to the add-on module, and the module in to the EdgeXOS platform and the Internet link will come up automatically
The performance of the cellular connection varies based on the provider selected and the service area. We support a wide variety of cards. Please contact an XRoads Networks sales representative for more information.





wireless module



wireless deploy




Flexible MultiWAN Solutions


One of the Fastest Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points Available — Delivering Range, Reliability with Adaptive Antenna Technology

At XRoads Networks, we produce comprehensive MultiWAN (wide-area network) management solutions and specialize in MultiWAN platforms. Our enterprise class EdgeXOS platform incorporates our Unified Bandwidth Management™ (UBM) technology, including our unique bandwidth management and session bonding functionality, in order to improve Internet and site-to-site performance by efficiently using all of your available bandwidth. Unified Bandwidth Management translates to fully utilizing your network resources and prioritizing bandwidth through one or more network connections.
XRoads Networks works with serveral top software and hardware vendors in the industry in order to delivery valuable add-on functionality to their existing solutions. While specific features are more useful than others for specific partners, the overall purpose is to enable MultiWAN redundancy, acceleration, and security to our partners existing products.
With the ability to perform next generation Internet Load Balancing also known as Internet Bonding or Link Bonding the EdgeXOS solutions incorporate a unique feature set which improves server access and speeds up file tranfers.
Organizations with Riverbed or similar solutions are always looking for ways to optimize their remote office connectivity. The EdgeXOS solution delivers a rather unique vpn load balancing solution by utilizing multiple Internet links to improve both performance AND reliability of their existing Riverbed deployment.




Guaranteed Bandwidth Check

Solutions for Hospitality

Over the past decade the hospitality industry has changed. today guests demand real-time access to information and entertainment services. much if not all of these services are delivered over the internet. xroads’ edgexos platforms are designed to ensure fast and reliable connectivity to the internet in order to ensure a quality experience for your returning guests.


  • Seamless interoperability
  • Advanced Wi-Fi security
  • Massive scalability
  • Best-in-class performance
  • Robust WLAN management
  • Delivering fast and reliable information and entertainment services
  • Accelerating internet connectivity
  • Fully compatible with existing infrastructure / Nonmadix partner
  • Generate new revenue through bandwidth allocation
  • Ensuring 24/7 access to critical resources
  • Lower operating costs
  • Keep guests coming back
  • Administration access
  • Wifi access
  • Guest rooms
  • Convention / meeting rooms




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