What is Infrastructure Visualization?

Over the years computers have become more powerful and smaller, with more features, also, data transfer speed across networks have jump a hundred fold, to now have 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Wireless speed has also risen to 300MBps in 802.11n which surpasses fast Ethernet at 100Mbps which is still the primary network speed in most organizations. One of the most innovative improvements in technology is the incorporation of Virtualization Technology into the computer processor from Intel as INTEL-VT and AMD as AMD-V.

Virtualization provides a set of tools for increasing flexibility and lowering costs, things that are important in every enterprise and Information Technology organization. Virtualization solutions are becoming increasingly available and rich in features.

Since virtualization can provide significant benefits to your organization in multiple areas, you should be establishing pilots, developing expertise and putting virtualization technology to work now.