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Tabashier Technologies Tabashier Technologies was founded in 2009 between a team of technical professionals who understood the real necessities and challenges of business, and were eager to prosper within a continuously fluctuating economic environment and rapidly evolving technologies. It blossomed into a business concept that was to be founded on the basis of honesty, fairness and integrity. Despite its initial small size, it was driven by the knowledge and the desire to operate differently to the companies they themselves had worked for. After witnessing the ICT market and the way in which it was driven only by profit and personal gain, was ignorant of social responsibility and was therefore consistently leaving customers dissatisfied - the philosophy behind the business was clear. Tabashier Technologies was a manifestation of a new age in the ICT business.
We now attempt to contribute to changing to the ICT market through employing extensive experience, intelligence, cost efficient, sustainable solutions and maintaining solid, trusted relationships with our clients. We are helping to build a new era of solutions and services, at the core of which is transparency, ethical and moral operation, opportunity for development and legitimacy in our work.
Tabashier Technologies, an idea that emerged from a clear vision to meet the real necessities of businesses, was established to fill the gaps in the ICT market. Through integrating modern business practices with a wide range of high quality products and professional services, we are able to create outstanding correlated solutions that help organize, upgrade and develop business firms in order to thrive in global business revolutions.
Tabashier Technologies is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is partnered with vendors as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, HP and Dell to deliver our services to clients, and are consistently pushing the boundaries of resourcefulness, innovation and accessibility.


Our team’s extensive experience and broad understanding of software, hardware and the infrastructure of technology allow us to consistently overcome complex problems, create intelligent solutions and to go beyond expectations in creating reliable solutions to common business practices and technological problems. We provide on-site, on cloud or even hybrid reliable assistance, from set-ups and installations to bug fixes and systems maintenance.


With extensive experience in both business, modern technologies integration, we take pride not only in our work but in our methods also. We understand business operation, and so our team consistently uses creative and client-driven approaches, maintaining transparency, honesty and professionalism in all of their work.


Tabashier Technologies is devoted to innovation, to problem solving and to providing preeminent and distinguished services for all of our clients.